The Ministry (Transport Sector) is responsible for developing transport infrastructure, meteorology and provision of transport services. The sector is widely recognized as pivot to economic growth. It is an intermediate service to a wide range of productive activities in all economic sectors. An efficient transport system impacts on lowering domestic production cost through timely delivery of services, enhancing economies of scale in the production process and creating socio-economic opportunities such as market access, strengthening competition, promotion of trade, tourism, foreign investment, contribution to government revenue and generation of employment.

Transport sector’s growth and performance have continued to improve due to engagement of strongly Government efforts, donors support and private sector. Notable positive changes can be seen in initial development of railway system, modernization of port infrastructure and services, improvement of Air transport infrastructure and services, initiatives towards and improvement in marine transport services. These efforts have enabled Transport sector to grow by 16.6% in 2018 compared to 11.8% in 2017. Despite this impressive growth, still the sector is characterized by high costs for infrastructure development with high backlog of infrastructure maintenance and rehabilitation, insufficient investment compared to demand, and low quality services associated with inadequate enforcement of safety, laws, regulations and procedures.